Citi Mortgage

Phone Number: 866-844-2198
Fax Number: 937-525-8883

Mailing/Overnight Address:
Citi Mortgage
ATTN: Loss Draft Department
One Assurant Way
Springfield, OH 45505

Branch Endorsement Options:
Is sometimes an option. In order for branch endorsement to apply, your check must be below $10,000 and/or your insurance claim must be below $20,000. To further pursue this option, call a local Citi banking center and they should be able to further advise as to where you can take the check for endorsement and what you will need to bring with you.

Other Check Processing Related Information:
1) If your loan is current and your check is below $10,000 and/or your insurance claim is less than $20,000, your claim qualifies to be a non-monitored claim, meaning your check can be simply endorsed and released back to you.
2) If your loan is current and your claim is less than $20,000, but check is more than $10,000, Citi will need a copy of your insurance estimate and a final inspection upon work completion, but the claim will not be monitored by Citi.
3) If your loan is not current or your claim is $20,000 or more, your claim will be monitored by Citi and more documentation/a final inspection upon work completion will be required.

Important Documents You Might

Certification of Completion of Repairs

Certification of Intent to Repair

Loss Summary Worksheet

Waiver of Lien

Third Party Mailing Authorization