Central Mortgage

Phone Number: 1-800-366-2132 ext. 5609
Fax Number: 501-716-5419 (Best fax for insurance claim check correspondence)
Fax Number: 501-716-5494

Central Mortgage
Attn: Loss Draft Claims
801 John Barrow, Suite. 1
Little Rock, AR 72205

Helpful Website: https://www.centralmortgageonline.com/?page=resource/faq

Branch Endorsement Options: N/A (branch endorsement is not an option)

Other Check Processing Related Information:
1) Whether your loan is monitored or non-monitored is widely dependent on if your loan is current or not and what your loan type is. Since their process for handling your claim will be very loan specific, you will need to call and inquire as to how they will be handling your claim.
2) We were told that most claims under $20,000 are non-monitored, but this is not every case by any means, so a call will be very beneficial in discovering action needed on your and our ends.