Capital One

Phone Number: 1-877-998-3776
Fax Number: 1-843-413-7161

Mailing/Overnight Address:
Capital One NA
ATTN: Loss Draft Correspondence
1323 Celebration Blvd.
Florence, SC 29501

Branch Endorsement Options: N/A, no branch endorsement options available, checks must be sent into central processing address listed above.

Helpful Website: (Documentation that is requested can be downloaded and uploaded to and from this site).

Other Check Processing Related Information:
1) If your loan is current and your insurance claim is under $20,000, then your claim will be non-monitored, only requiring your insurance estimate and unendorsed insurance check. It will be endorsed and returned to you.

2) If your loan is not current and/or your insurance claim is over $20,000, then your claim will be monitored, requiring all parties to sign the check before sending it to the processing center. This will also call for a larger amount of documentation before and after the work is complete for fund disbursement, as well as a final property inspection to gain a release of final insurance claim funds being held upon project completion.