5 FAQs on Navigating Mortgage Company Paperwork

5 FAQs on Navigating Mortgage Company Paperwork

Good news! Your insurance company has approved your storm damage claim from the hail and wind storm that hit your area last month. But, not only do you now have a pile of paperwork from your insurance company, a packet from your mortgage company just arrived. The mortgage experts at 123 Exteriors have you covered with the top 5 frequently asked questions we get regarding mortgage company paperwork.

My insurance check has my mortgage company listed as a payee, what should I do with it?

Our recommendation is to take your insurance scope of loss paperwork and your photo ID to your local bank and have them endorse it for you there. Once endorsed please call your Restoration Specialist so that he or she can arrange a time to collect this check. We advise that you not deposit that check into your bank account.

My mortgage company mailed me a packet of paperwork, what should I do with it?

The role of the Customer Accounts and Claims team at 123 Exteriors is to help guide you through this process. Some mortgage companies have several hoops to jump through including inspections and loads of forms both you and the contractor must fill out. Sometimes this process can take several weeks, so please do not delay filling out these forms and overnighting them to the mortgage company. We are more than happy to assist you with this.

I have mailed the mortgage company paperwork in, should I follow up with them?
Yes! Sometimes we are limited with the information we can get, and we will need your help by contacting the mortgage company to follow up on the release of payment. We suggest following up weekly.

I am having trouble with my mortgage company paperwork, who do I contact?
You can reply back to this email. The 123 Exteriors Customer Accounts and Claims team will be more than happy to help you with any questions, or can simply take care of the paperwork for you. Please make sure you have filled out the third party authorization form to expedite this process.

Why would 123 Exteriors need to contact my mortgage company?
Some mortgage companies require inspections to be performed before funds will be released. Often times the mortgage company will wait until you contact them before alerting you of incomplete or missing items for the file. This has been an on-going struggle in our industry and we have found that if both the homeowner and the contractor are following up it speeds up the payment process.

As an experienced storm restoration contractor,  123 Exteriors uses our insurance and mortgage company expertise, claims handling knowledge, and roofing and siding knowledge to accurately and fully assess damage. Our team works with you and the insurance company to fully replace your roof, siding and/or gutters following a severe weather event.

With offices in Denver, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicagoland, Columbus, Cedar Rapids and Allentown, we are happy to serve as your trusted resource when it comes to your roof, siding, window and gutter replacement.