The Key to Smooth Construction: Preparation

The date has been set for your new roof, siding and or gutters. By this time next week, your home will be restored to its original beauty! If this is your first exterior restoration project, as a homeowner, there are many things that can come as a surprise during the actual restoration process, including noise and possible delays due to weather.

The 123 Exteriors team is prepared to face any challenges that come their way as we restore your home to its original beauty. To ensure a smooth process during your project, here are a few things to keep in mind before we get started: 

  • Your Restoration Specialist will let you know when you can expect materials to be delivered to your home.
  • We’ll also let you know of your anticipated start date and time frame: Keep in mind, this is weather permitting. You will be informed about the date your project is scheduled to begin, as well as possible schedule changes. Please be flexible with your project schedule, as it’s nearly impossible to schedule construction work by the day and or hour. It is very possible that the project scheduled before yours could be running a day behind, or that the chance of rain may be higher than we’d like on your planned start day. If either of these situations were to occur, you will be called and notified of what the Plan B is for your project.
  • At 123 Exteriors, we try our absolute best to ensure that we give our homeowners a realistic start date, but please keep in mind that there are countless extenuating circumstances that may affect our schedule. Inclement weather, surprises on the job before yours, material delay, crew leaders getting sick or having an emergency, etc. We appreciate your understanding regarding any of these unplanned potential schedule changes along the way. You will be updated if any changes occur.
  • Please note: early starts can occur! Our crews can begin working as early as 7 a.m., we are sorry for any inconvenience.
  • If you have a satellite, during roofing construction we will need to temporarily remove it in order to safely complete the job. Once the roof is finished, our crew does their best to replace your satellite exactly the way they found it. Occasionally, some satellite signals won’t come back after the satellite is realigned and the cable company will have to come out and fix it. Usually this costs about $50. If that does happen, go ahead and call the cable company and we will reimburse you for the service call (make sure you hang on to your receipt).
  • Don’t forget to move your cars to the street the night before construction begins (this will prevent being trapped in the garage).
  • Demolition and construction can be noisy we apologize for any inconvenience!
  • As you can imagine, the construction of a new roof or siding involves a LOT of nails. Just as many may come off the house as go on it! While our crewmembers do our best to go through the yard with a magnet to pick up as many as they can, it’s hard to get every single one. Please be extremely careful after the construction is finished and keep an eye out for any stray nails. In some instances, if the crew finishes late and it is getting dark, there may be more nails than usual left behind. If you are finding an unacceptable amount of debris in the yard, please call your Restoration Specialist and let them know. They will come over to pick up the rest for you!
  • Before your project begins, please do your best to move any lawn furniture, yard art or grills away from the side of the house to protect it from debris during construction. We don’t want to damage anything!
  • Our 123 Exteriors crews will do their best to protect landscaping immediately around your house, but unfortunately plants can’t be temporarily moved like lawn chairs or grills. We apologize in advance for any damaged shrubs, branches, or flowers.
  • If possible, please let your next-door neighbors know when your project is going to occur prior to the construction taking place. This will prepare them for any noise that will occur, or if they need to move their vehicles.
  • If you have any questions or concerns during, or even after the project is finished, 123 Exteriors will provide you with your project manager’s contact information. We also greatly encourage getting an alternate contact just in case in you have urgent questions or concerns. Anyone on the 123 Exteriors team would be more than happy to help!
  • We typically order more than enough materials to complete your project. We do this because it is better to have more material rather than not enough! Not having enough materials can delay your home’s restoration. 123 Exteriors will pick up any leftover materials after the project is complete.
  • After your restoration is complete, your project manager will come by to the house to review the work that has been done and to make sure that you are satisfied with the project. At this time we will collect the final payment.
  • After the work is finished a manager will come by to double check the work to ensure quality and the correctness of the installation.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority! We want this to be as painless as possible for you, with as few inconveniences as possible. Our goal is for you to be a pleased customer after the job is complete, and if there is anything that we could have done to have made your experience better, please do not hesitate to let us know.