How We Are Different: You Are Our #1 Priority

At 123 Exteriors, we have spent the last decade dedicating ourselves to providing our customers with the best insurance restoration experience possible. The difference between 123 Exteriors and other companies is that at 123, our first responsibility is to our customers. We don’t just pretend that we care about customer satisfaction --- we take it very seriously.

The 123 Exteriors team believes that exceptional customer service begins with each individual employee.

Our restoration specialists are on the front lines interacting with customers on a one-to-one basis. This is where our customer service starts, as they are the first and last face homeowners will see during the restoration process.

Customers should contact restoration specialists if they have any needs. Our restoration specialists take a personal responsibility for their homeowner. Doing this type of personal work and getting to know our customers on an individual basis is extremely rewarding. It's not uncommon for our reps to receive thank you cards and even dinner invitations from customers to show their appreciation for the work 123 Exteriors has done!

Improving our performance

Feedback is key for us to improve each customer’s experience. We rely heavily upon surveys to get feedback from customers and take their responses very seriously. When and if there is a problem, we make it our mission to solve it as soon as possible. First we alert the team who did the work, and then they will come back out to finish the job. Our work doesn’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Our surveys are extremely specific because we truly want to know how you felt about each part of the process, from the ease or difficulty of the claims/insurance process, to the quality of the actual work being done on your home.

For example, after customer feedback when our communication was less than stellar, we launched a full communications department dedicated to tackle these concerns.

Helping you every step of the way

We work with you AND your insurance company to get your home's roof, gutters, siding and windows back to where they should be. By taking the hassle and difficultly out of the insurance claims process, you are able to concentrate on the exciting aspects of your restoration, including how you would like your home to look.

We make it our priority to make sure that through the duration of the process that our customers are always informed with everything going on, as well as making sure our customers feel comfortable enough with us after the work has been done to contact us if they have any questions or concerns.

123 Exteriors first responsibility is to our customers. Our company is built upon the values of integrity, honesty, and quality. We are on a mission to become the most efficient customer service driver exterior restoration firm in the country.

123 Exteriors has spent a decade providing superior roofing, siding, gutters and window replacement services to our customers in St. Louis, Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Columbus, Cedar Rapids and Davenport.