How We Are Different: 123 Exteriors vs. Other Restoration Companies

Storm chasing roofing contractors have given the insurance restoration business a bad name. These out-of-town companies travel the country, following severe storms, looking for homeowners to take advantage of. Often times, their sole concern is the profit from the job. Providing quality work and putting the homeowner’s needs first fall to the wayside, as they are quickly off to the next town and storm. 

 This is not something that 123 Exteriors takes lightly. 123 Exteriors understands the skepticism and the gap of trust that homeowners have when hiring contractors.        

At 123 Exteriors, we prove ourselves to be a

  • reliable
  • trustworthy
  • local company

by doing quality work, and by being present throughout the duration of each project.

This allows 123 Exteriors to overcome negative assumptions often given to contractors by showing customers that whether it’s before, during, or after the project is complete, we will correct any issues every step of the way, every time. 

123 Exteriors representatives are experts because:

  • We are good at finding the right people
  • Our people take pride in what they do
  • We care about the results
  • We will always drop what we are doing to fix projects
  • 123 Exteriors wants to do projects the right way
  • 123 Exteriors only hires crews that meet our standards

123 Exteriors Restoration Specialists undergo rigorous training, including a week-long classroom training session. New hires must pass tests covering a variety of topics from customer interactions, to insurance standards and practices.

Let 123 Exteriors prove to you that we actually care and don’t just say we care.

123 Exteriors continues to be a successful restoration company because of the integrity of the people we hire and the culture of the company, which is, “do the right thing, always.” 

123 Exteriors has spent a decade providing superior roofing, siding, gutters and window replacement services to our customers in St. Louis, Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Columbus and Cedar Rapids.