How to Prepare Your Home For Spring

Snow. Ice dams. Severe cold weather. Strong winds. The winter months can be brutal on your home. Your house could have sustained damage due to these extreme conditions and you don't even know it!

Knowing how to prepare your home for spring can be overwhelming. To make it easier, we've prepared a simple spring home maintenance checklist of the top 5 areas you should inspect this spring to ensure your home is prepared. After 10 years in the roofing, siding, gutter and windows industry, we're knowlegable of the key areas of your home you should check, that could save you significant money down the road.

If you have a problem that is overlooked, taking just 60 minutes to perform an exterior inspection of your home could save you hours of headache. In our simple spring home maintenance checklist you will learn how to prepare your home for spring, including:

  • the 5 key areas you should focus on during an exterior inspection
  • easy tips on how to detect if you have actual damage to any of these areas
  • the #1 area that is the most common source of roof leaks

Want more details about how you can get your home ready for spring? Download our free spring home maintenance checklist below.