FAQ: My restoration specialist wants me to sign an Assignment of Claim Form. What is this and how does it help me?

If severe hail and wind have damaged your roof, siding or gutters, having storm damage approved by your insurance company is just the first step in a complicated process. The paperwork, forms and insurance jargon can be confusing. At 123 Exteriors, we have a whole team dedicated to helping you with this process --- and the Assignment of Claim Form (AOC) grants us permission to do this!The AOC form allows the 123 Exteriors renovation experts to manage your claim and grants us permission to speak to your insurance company regarding any and every aspect of the claim. You the homeowner will no longer be bothered and will not have to act as a median between the insurance company and 123 Exteriors. All communication is direct, which eliminates pieces of information getting lost or forgotten.

Most importantly, the AOC form prevents you from being mistreated by the insurance company. Since we are the claim owners and experts, we know how to stand our ground to get the treatment our customers deserve. This takes the stress and hassle off of you, as well as protects you from being treated unfairly.

“123 Exteriors really took care of everything. They told us step-by-step what was going to happen. They took care of the insurance company and organized everything professionally.”

— Nada K., Arlington Heights, IL