Beneficial (HSBC) Mortgage

Phone Number: 866-845-8071 or 866-456-5010

Fax Number:678-417-8041 or 678-475-8736

Mailing/Overnight Address:

HSBC Mortgage Services
Attn: Loss Draft Dept. 508
2405 Commerce Ave.
Duluth, GA 30096

Branch Endorsement Options: N/A (not an option)

Other Check Processing Related Information:

1.) If your loan is current and your insurance claim check is under $10,000, your claim will not be monitored, meaning faster processing time and less documentation. You will still want to provide a copy of your insurance estimate of repairs to them.

2.) If your loan is not current and/or your insurance claim check is over $10,000, your claim will be monitored, meaning a requirement of more documentation in order to get deposit and final funds back. A final property inspection will also be required in order for you to get final funds back.